Interior Design Consultations, offered by Hammock Decor in Palm Coast, FL

Color Consultation

At Hammock Decor in Palm Coast, FL, we work with you to ensure your color selections contribute to the overall vision of your home or office, and make that vision come to life. When you have a lot of moving parts, it is easy to make a choice that may seem right at the time but may define the finished color scheme in a direction that you don’t want to take.

We work with you to keep you on a path that helps you make coordinated choices throughout the process. Your flooring, cabinetry, countertops, paint colors need to tie together whether you want a monochromatic, complementary, multi-color or related color scheme. Your lighting, plumbing, and decorative hardware can also make an impact on your overall color and decorating theme.

Whether you are looking for furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, or paint colors for your walls, ceiling and trim, color defines the mood for your room. We work with you to coordinate a palette that gives you the right amount of impact or a neutral relaxing environment based on how you want to use the room, your preference for color and the current trends.

Home Design Consultations offered by Hammock Decor in Palm Coast, FL
Home Decor Consultations, offered by Hammock Decor in Palm Coast, FL

Furniture Floor Planning and Staging Consultation

A scaled furniture floor plan takes into account the measurements of your room, and any doors, windows or architectural features to determine the ideal placement of furniture to maximize functionality, traffic flow and aesthetics in the room. We use professional tools to create a furniture floor plan and can also conduct furniture inventory review to determine furniture, light fixtures or lamps, area rugs or plants you may need to complete your new home or decorating scheme.

A furniture floor plan is a very valuable tool when you are building or moving to a new home or redecorating a room. It can help determine the size and scale of furnishings that are needed to prevent costly mistakes of buying furniture that is not the right proportion for the room or cuts into the desired traffic flow or usability of the space.

Moving to a Smaller Place?

As life changes, sometimes people go to larger homes. There are also times when people may be consolidating households, downsizing to a smaller home, condo or apartment that requires less care, or moving to retirement community. Sorting through which furnishings or belongings to keep for the new place and incorporating it into a new home can be a daunting task. We can help by creating furniture lay out with your new floor plan, consult with you to determine what to move to the new home and incorporate it into your décor, and provide furniture, accessories and window treatments to make your new residence a beautiful home.

Selling your home?

With so many homes on the market, your home needs to stand out to potential buyers. We understand you want to move on, but sometimes a little investment can go a long way to helping you maximize the opportunity to sell your home. Sometimes it is as simple as a fresh coat of paint in the right tone or rearranging your furniture to open up the space. Staging has become an important part of the real estate business for homeowners, real estate agents, and builders alike. Proper staging can help you to give prospective buyers the feeling that they have arrived home when they come through your front door and it can set you apart from other properties they are considering. Investors, developers, builders and homeowners have found that properties show and sell better when well decorated and properly staged for the sale. Just getting started?

As a new homeowner or moving to a new location, you know what you like, but you may not have the experience to tie it all together or the resources to do the job. You may have some hot priorities, like window treatments, that you need to get right away. You may want to do some redecorating or painting of your new home to make it truly yours, and we can help with our sources and advice. We can review the furniture you can use and help you fill in the gaps in furniture and accessories, all at once or as you want to tackle the next room.

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