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Wall Coverings

Wallpaper, modern light and blue chair with red pillow

One of the simplest and most impactful changes you can make to your interiors is a fresh coat of paint or a change in your wall covering. You can accent one wall, a niche or use new paint or wall coverings throughout the room. And don’t forget the ceilings, since you can be as creative with your ceiling treatments as you are with your walls. We can guide you with color selections and a variety of interesting wall coverings.

There are many choices of wall paper that we can provide that add a dramatic flair to your décor in a variety of designs, textures and sheens. Some popular looks include the look of leather, woven grass cloth, and richly embossed wall coverings in elegant and contemporary styles and colors.

Large flower wall paper, grey paint and matching sofa
Wall Coverings

Faux painting is another excellent way to dress up your walls and ceilings, and we can help coordinate the design with local painters. You can use faux finishes, which used to be called Tromp L’oeil, which translates from French to fools the eye, and looks like the painted surface or pattern is the real thing.  Faux painting can give the look of surfaces like old world plaster, leather, metal, stone, linen, or suede. Faux painting can also add images like scrollwork or a contemporary design, or even a mural.

You don’t have to stop at the wallpaper and paint. We can help you with selections and ideas to add interest for decorative molding, trim designs, accents or decorative inserts. A mirrored accent wall may also be a consideration to expand the feeling or look of a room. There are times when you don’t want to add to the wall finish, but you want to change or cover something that you no longer enjoy. A great example is using wainscoting or to cover up 70’s tile on a bathroom wall. On the other hand, maybe you want to add tile to the walls of your bathroom or a backsplash for a decorator look.

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